Healing Through Touch - "The Ultimate Massage Experience From The Heart"
Welcome to my world!
You deserve to be pampered, and Healing Through Touch is the perfect
destination and environment for a "wonderfully" relaxing massage.
" Find out for yourself what a wonderful experience the ultimate massage experience from the heart can be."
Indulge in any of the following treatments:
  • 30-Minute Massage $45.
       This is a stress-reducing first step in the relaxation process.
       A great introduction for those that are curious about massage
       but still a little anxious about the issue.
  • 60-Minute Massage - Very Relaxing $75.
        If deep relaxation is your optimum goal, this massage will reduce stress,
        improve your circulation and you'll gain energy. This is a very good
       massage to receive on a regular basis.
My Favorites!
  •   90-Minute - My Favorite Massage $105.  
  • 120-Minute - The Ultimate Massage Experience $135.
      Additional focus and time is given on problematic areas of the body.   
Ask About My Other Services
Massage Packages, Gift Certificates, Home Spa Parties, House Calls
or any other Special Event you may have in mind?
The gift of Health and Well-being is just a phone call away.
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